Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Silver City

Well Hola mi Familia. 
I will be absolutely honest, i forgot my planner at home, and it had down all of the things i wanted to talk about inside it. So... 
See ya later, until next week! 
Love Elder Pierce 
Dang Girl, just kidding! But i really did forget my planner so i will just be kind of winging it today. Talking about whatever you know? 
So this week we had our trainings that seemed like they lasted forever. But they were so cool and worth it. So on Tuesday. I went on exchanges with Elder Crockett up in silver city for the day. Silver city is about 2 hours away from Clifton but he is the other district leader up there and we needed to be together so we could prepare for that night. So after we spent the day in his area, we met up with the zone leaders and we Drove 3 and half hours down to Tucson...long drive. But it was still fun, in the car we talked about Most embarrassing stories and favorite Disney princesses, haha it was a lot of fun.

Anyways, when we finally reached Tucson, i went and stayed with Elder Kane for the night. Elder Kane is one of 4 ASL missionaries in the mission so it was really cool to see him talk in sign language and they even get to use a video phone! It was a lot of fun. He even taught me the alphabet (which i forgot) and how to count to 10. It was a blast. He tried making me trade away those brand new ties you just sent me! i was like heck no! But I'm gonna bring some of my other ties and we will take care of some business. 

So after we had our slumber party we drove to the East stake center and got ready for our first set of trainings. The trainings lasted for about 8 hours total, but that is including lunch and breaks. But i seriously learned so much. The emphasis of the first training was to go over accountability. Which was a huge deal. It sucks that i forgot all my notes and ideas i wanted to send to you but it was great. 
The next training was my favorite. It made reference to the way that we invite people to be baptized, or we invite people to read from the Book of Mormon. When in reality, we are not inviting them to do anything. Our Heavenly Father is extending the invitation to them, not us. We are simply the mouthpiece in which he extends it. And at first when i heard this i thought "it might work but who knows, it sounds a little corny"...wrong. It  does work. Me and Elder Kane went out that night and did tracting, and we ran into this girl named Lisa. We talked with her for a little while, and we then introduced the Book Of Mormon to her. We invited her to read it and she declined repeatedly, then me and elder Kane looked at each other and we like "wait a minute!" then we proceeded to invite her the way we JUST learned. We told her this invitation is from her Heavenly Father, and that he wants her to read this book, and find out for herself that its the truth. And she accepted. The spirit was so strong with us that night, i don't know what happened with her because she is not in my area (obviously) but i know she felt the love of her HF that night. And i know she felt the spirit testifying to her that this is the true and restored gospel. 
So Then we went back to Elder Kane's house and we chilled and then just waited for the next day. So that day (Thursday) we had another full set of 8 hours of trainings. Which were really well. We trained about the book of Mormon and how better we could introduce it to them. Because we trained on inviting them to read it, but we needed to know how to better introduce it as scripture. It was a really awesome jam session combined with role playing and authentic President Walker introduction quotes. He is such an awesome man. So inspired. Well anyways, the best way that was given to us to introduce the BOM, is to use the Book's introduction page. Within that one page, it is stated what the book is, and what we are to do with it. So essentially if we play our cards right and the spirit is working with us, they will answer their own questions about it, and what they are supposed to do with it. 
So now, me and elder Howard will be having to drive up to lordsburg to meet up with the other district leaders so we can head down to Tucson tonight. Elder Howard will be going up with elder Jackson tonight, Jackson is still a baby, so it will be funny to hear about Howards experience. 
HMMM, what else to write about...i wonder. 
Well, this is all i got for this week. I will have more next week hopefully haha. 
I love you all so much. Thank you for all the love and support that you supply to me while I'm humbly serving the Lord!!! 
Elder Pierce

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