Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17, 2010

OK, well hello family.
Sorry about no letter yesterday, but because of transfers the whole mission is having pday on Tuesday. So this will happen every 6 weeks, so be prepared. Just thought i would let you know.
Well i will not be able to write alot this week and probably for the next little while because of my hand, but i will do my best. I have a Doctors appointment tomorrow with Dr. Bryce in Safford to check my hand out. I will try to write a hand written letter letting you know the verdict. Notice the emphasis on the word try haha. My writing has gotten even worse, if that is even possible.
Well anyways. We had a good week this past week though. Alot better than our past week. We were out and about visiting part member/less active families. And as we are visiting them we both had inspiration to go and see the Mullen's. So we did. We get there and only their step son, Evan Lackner, is there. He is a really cool kid, he is 15 and a freshman. Anyways, we were talking to him and i straight up asked him "are you a member of our church?" and he said no. So I proceeded to ask "well, do you want to be???" and he said ya. So we taught him the first discussion and we set him a baptismal date for the 11th of September. That would be the best birthday present, is for him to get baptized!!!  He is so solid, he reads every single chapter we leave him and has started to read straight from the beginning, he is so excited to be baptized, it is just amazing. This is exactly what this area needed. A solid investigator. It makes me so happy to know we have people here that are willing to make the commitments and stick to them.
So the work is starting to pick up more and more each week. We are finally starting to get Member present lessons and In-home lessons which is super exciting. I love being a missionary, but boy, sometimes it is just so frustrating (example: my hand haha).
Well i love you all so much, it was a good work out typing all of this. So keep me posted on current events around the home life. I love you all.
Elder Pierce

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