Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Bryce's Farewell Party

Linda, Mary (G-Ma), Bryce and Don
Bryce and Rick (Dad)
Michael, Bryce and Taylor
Bryce and Jayden (Sister)
Jessica, Dillon, Kylie & Michael

Bryce & Rachel

Ashlee & Bryce
Dallas Teshima
Pres. Teshima
Jake & Scott Bryan
Aunt Karen & Uncle Mike
Bryce with Maria
Lucy, Ryan, Alison & Henry Standifird

Bryce and Bryan (Birthday Buddy)

Linda (Aunt Ne-Ne) and Bryce
Danny, Bryce and Tracy  
Jake, Cliff, Bryce, Madi & Julie
Barbara (Grandmother) 

 Elder Tim Moore Currently Serving a
Mission in Paraguay (Couldn't be at Party)
Whitney and Carol with Bryce
Guitar Hero with Bret, Shayna & Jayden
The Powells
Diego, Michael, and Bryce