Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31, 2010

Hello family,
Not much to report on this week, the work is still pushing forward its just starting to slow down this week. For 1, we pretty much baptized most of our investigators and 2, the stupid holiday weekend is making people want to like celebrate and go out of town...seriously? its makes it tough, but we are still pushing along. As you may know, Elder Baradoy got transfered and now is serving in las cruzas, new mexico. he is a zone leader up there now. My new companions name is Elder Sorensen, he is a good guy. He has been on his mission for a little over a year now. He is a good teacher and is kinda cool. We get along ok, not like best friends or anything, but we are cool. Hopefully as the transfer continues we will start to become better friends. I guess cuz we have only been together like 5 days now, we still got 5 weeks together so lets hope. haha.
It was really cool the past couple of nights. We got to go on exchanges with the stake president down here. His name is president Hardy, he is a really spiritual guy, not as cool as Pres. Teshima though haha. We also got to go out with the Ward mission leader and the Elders quorum president the next couple of nights haha, so we had to make sure we had appointments to impress all of them haha. but it all went good. We had some good lessons and good drop bys with all 3 of them. Had to keep the trust of the ward growing.
Man, not much to say this week. Sorry guys. I feel bad. nothing really good happend...well, there was this one thing. Maybe the second week i was out here, me and Elder Baradoy gave a blessing to this lady named Sister Sterges. She is a snow bird and was visiting from like Michigan or something. Well they call us a couple days ago and she is like, "well we are leaving for the summer and we have all this food,  do you want it?" and of course we said yes. so we were driving over there expecting maybe like a box of food...wrong! She gave us 3 big boxes of food. There must have been 4 tbone steaks, 10 pork chops, a rack of ribs, hamburgers, new york strip steaks, I mean, all kinds of food, ice cream, pop tarts, it was seriously a blessing, it was totally awesome. after we hauled it all outside, i looked at Elder Sorensen and I was like "you know what this calls for?...a jumping high five!"  KACHOW!!!  It was tight.
Well thats all i really have for this week, i love you all so much, and thank you so much for everything you do for me. It really helps me, well I love you!
Elder Pierce

Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 30, 2010

Hi Cindy! Hope you're having a great weekend. Just wanted to write you and tell you that 
your son is doing an awesome job. Shane (my husband) just came home and said, 
"I can't believe he's only been out 6 weeks! He's running it like he's a senior 
companion...I literally forgot that he's so new." We're so proud of him! He and Elder Sorenson are doing a great job together. I attached a picture of 
them. You are too cute. You sound just like my mom. On our first day of high 
school, she and her friend would get their diet cokes and wait outside in 
the van during lunch time to see if theycould see us. That would be so hard to 
have him so tempting..!
Anyway, have a great weekend! Love, Kylee
Shane, Maylen Elder Sorensen & Elder Pierce

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Elder Pierce from Kylee Thompson

HI Cindy,

Shane, Maylen, Elder Pierce & Elder Baradoy
My name is Kylee Thompson and my family lives here in Sahuarita, AZ where your son is serving. My husband is the ward mission leader and so we get to spend lots of time with the missionaries. I remember when my brothers were on their missions, my mom missed them terribly. She likes to have all of her chicks in one nest! So I just wanted to write you and tell you what an outstanding missionary your son is. We've seen him from Day 1 and he's been so ready to work. His funny and easy going personality has been a great tool to relate with the investigators as well as the members. He's been so willing to do whatever is asked of him and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010

Due to the sheer awesomeness this email contains, i advise those that can't handle awesomeness to skip reading this email and wait for next week...

Monday, May 10, 2010

We are awesome and we like to do Awesome things!

So family. i just called you yesterday so i don't really have so much to talk about. but i will mention some good stuff that happened during the week. I had my first dog attack the other day. we were visiting this investigator and they have small yappy dogs. well as soon as they open the door, their little doxen runs over  and attacks my pant leg. i honestly didn't move and just stood there while it tried to be "vicious" and then i kicked it and it let go. it was actually really funny ha ha. because that dog always tries to scare us away and barks like constantly, i seriously want to throw my Book of Mormon at it. give it a real good bible bashing ha ha.