Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Aug 23, 2010

Hey family. How goes it?
It has been going fantastic up here. So much work now. It makes things just seems so great. to know that we are having success. Evan Lackner came to church yesterday which is just amazing. He is such a stud. And he is keeping all of his commitments and is just progressing so well. Its refreshing to see that someone wants to be a part of this gospel and to experience the joy that we have. It just makes everything worth it. So the work is going good, but the real plus of this email is what happened on Saturday.
On Saturday, we had a mission conference, in which all of the missionaries in the mission attended. We had the privilege of listening to Elder Christofferson and Elder Rasband and other general Authorities. Now let me tell you what, Elder Christoffson is a jester. He spoke to us for about 45 minuets and we just got to listen to him crack jokes and teach us on a spiritual level. It was just amazing, and just awesome. We all had the opportunity to shake his hand and meet him for a brief minute. It was just amazing. You could just feel the spirit getting sucked out of his hand like a vacuum as we shook hands. hahaha
So i also have to speak in sacrament meeting again this week. They want me and Elder Howard to take up the entire meeting...15 minuets each. Danget. haha. Not so bad i guess. They want us to talk about missionary work and the importance of ward involvement and how crucial it really is. As well as share experiences of our own and maybe even what we teach in our first and second discussions. Which should be fun and easy to take up 15 minuets. NO FEAR. just grab the bull by the horns I guess.
Well all this typing gets to my finger and wrist, i have made countless mistakes already haha and this thing isn't even that long! I'm trying family. I'm working on it, I get my nice purple cast off on September 21, so not to much longer.
Well I love you all so much. Stay out of trouble and keep us in your prayers because you will all be in mine!
Love, Elder Pierce

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