Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Lee's saved the Day!

Oh boy...its the last day of January, That is weird.
Things have been going very well over here in our neck of the woods. The work is going smoothly and everyone here is just awesome. Which is something I'm going to address here in a moment. We had stake conference here in the Duncan stake. This is now my second in the Duncan stake. I realized on Sunday that i have experienced a stake conference in every area i have served in. Which is something that has been a real treat for me. Being able to see and feel of the spirit each stake and individual ward has to offer. What a blessing.
A small miracle we saw this last week was the desire that changed in our current investigators attitudes. When we would go over there to their house, it was almost like going through the motions and they just answered questions the way they thought we wanted. But this last week I have seen a dramatic change in their hearts. The change that happens when the gospel is introduced into ones life. It is not just a "lets go to church" but truly is a conversion to the gospel. A physical and spiritual change in someones life. I feel it as a true miracle just to even witness this change in someones life. Wow, its just cool.
Thank you to The Lee Family for Taking
Such Great Care of Elder Pierce.  
I wanted to take some time now to give a shout out to Terry and Heather Lee, and Titan and Ira. The other day, I was walking down the road and all of a sudden a bear jumped out behind the rock. I was like "ahhh, someone help!". Then out of no where Terry jumped out of a tree and punched this bear in the kneecap (it was a large bear). Then snapped off a roundhouse kick into its jaw, and then beat it at Phase 10. While the bear was confused and disappointed Heather whipped up some jalapeno poppers and threw them in the bears eyes and then I was happy because they landed in my mouth. Yumm. Then she fed the bear home-made bread and the bear was happy again. But as it was content with life and started walking away, Titan shot him with his guns, but it didn't do much, because they are toy guns. And Ira, just kinda stood there and watched, because he is a baby still. Then I was happy because i didn't get eaten by a bear and The Lee's saved me. And then I played with Jack. He is the dog that I love. He is great.
I'm very thankful for everyone in the Clifton ward, especially those who save me from bears. I love being a missionary in this great work. What a blessing it is to be serving the Lord in this wonderful time of my life. Truly the best two years FOR my life. I love the Lord so much, I love my Savior, the sacrifice he gave so that we can all find joy, so that i could find joy. The joy i find is found within this Gospel. How true and amazing it is. I love you all so much.
Elder Pierce

Monday, January 23, 2012

Wonderful letter received from Heather Lee


I know you don't know me, but your son Elder Pierce serves in Morenci again! You have raised an amazing young man and he has been a great blessing to have in our ward as well as my home. We just had Elder B and Elder Pierce over for dinner, haircuts and games. I'm sure your getting so excited to have your son back so soon but we will all miss him so much and hopefully you all can come down and visit us soon.

Anyway I couldn't miss out on telling you how great your son is and how many peoples lives he has made better. My friend Adriana Gates was introduced to the church because of him and Elder Howard and just recently went through the temple to be sealed to her family forever because of two young men who choose to give 2 years of their lives to serving the lord. Thanks for the example you set for your son. He is sure loved and we are so excited to have him back.

With love, Heather Lee

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 17, 2011

Hey family, how is everything where you are at currently?
Well I'm doing good. Just doing the missionary thing...taking care of B'iness.
One short miracle i would like to share with you this week. We were driving down a place called the pit. Somewhere i had worked tirelessly the last time i served in this area. As we were driving down the long road called Copper. We passed a road and Elder Bischoff said "you know, i have never been down that road." So i immediately pulled the car over and parked. Got out of my car with a Book of Mormon in hand and started walking. Elder Bischoff caught up to me and said "where are we going???". "i don't know" i responded "you have never been down this road so i figured we would see where it took us." As we were walking i said a silent prayer knowing the Lord would provide someone to talk to. Sure enough he did. We met a young man named Joseph. He is attending EAC and has met with missionaries before, big into religion. We had a great conversation and then we went our separate ways. As i walked back to the car, with my testimony strengthened and a thankful heart, i asked Elder Bischoff, "what other streets have you not been down yet?"
The Lord truly loves all of us so much. He is aware and mindful of each of our circumstances. I love you all so much. Sorry there was not much time to write a long email for you. But i hope this boosts your day!
Elder Pierce

Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to Clifton, AZ.....And loving it...

So the year is already quickly ticking away. Time just does not seem like it wants to slow down. Now especially that I'm in an area i already know and am familiar with, things are just speeding along. I'M not sure that i like time to go this fast.
Well to let all of you know if you don't know, I have been transferred again to one of my favorite areas. Clifton Arizona. Up in the middle of nowhere. Gotta love it. I have really missed this place and I'm very thankful that I get to finish my mission strong around people I already know and love.
So this week has been both eventful and fun. It is overall just a great time to be a missionary. One amazing miracle we have had was we were about to go see a member of the ward but we decided we needed to see at least one less active or potential investigators. Well I remembered one family we were working with when i was here long ago and Elder Bischoff said they lived in the pit. (a slang word used widely for a location in Morenci). But I was pretty sure they lived somewhere else. So i went with my gut and went to the house i remembered them living at. Well we walked up there and knocked on the door. A younger gentleman answered the door and it definitely wasn't who i thought it was going to be. Turns out they moved to the pit. BUT, i contacted him like i have been trained to do for the past 22 months and he is a really cool guy. He is a Steelers fan unfortunately but a great guy. He wanted us to come back on Wednesday so we can teach him more about how he can improve his life. I believe the Lord truly led us to this individual through my gut feeling that was wrong, but it was meant to be wrong. He has only been living there for a week. What a great example of how the Lord works through all of us individually.
A funny event that happened this week was the 1 investigator we had showed up to church...fell asleep for the whole thing. It was pretty humorous. I laughed anyways. That's Clifton for you, there is no other place quite like it and I love it.
I love you all so much.
Elder Pierce

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Transferred to ??? You will never guess

Hello Family
Well I’m already in my new area. Part of which  is why I didn’t get to email you until today. You will never believe where I got transfered...I will give you a second to think about it......CLIFTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s crazy!  like everyone here still remembers me. Even gas station attendants remember me. It’s so cool.

Elder Howard being super Jealous of me..
Ironically enough, I’m with Elder Bischoff, but not the one I trained so long ago. I’m with a DIFFERENT Elder Bischoff.  Apparently its a fairly common name.   It’s super funny and ironic. Elder Howard is super jealous of me.

Will email more next week! 
Love Elder Pierce