Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012

Family family family.
Its sure is good to email you, yet again. How much more times do I even get to do something like this? Not very many.
Well let me just share a simple miracle we had with you this last week.
We have been working with a family I have mentioned before, Alex and Sheryl Aguila. Amazing family. Well one evening when we were having a discussion with them, we talked about them being baptized on the 24th of march. At first they seemed a little hesitant, so we addressed the concern. Alex wanted to attend church at least once before he would commit to a certain date. And that is totally fine. So we continued on with our discussion and had a wonderful evening. Well this last Sunday, Alex and Sheryl and their whole family were able to make it to church. And church went so well. It all went very smoothly and we had no hangups. And after church, Alex walks up to me ands says "Elder Pierce, I think the 24th of March will be just fine.". I was so excited, but I think I did a good job of not showing it TOO much. It was so cool. So now they are both on track to getting baptized for the very last Saturday I'm in the mission field. How Awesome. They are so cool. The Lord was truly preparing them for this time to accept the gospel.
I love being a missionary so much. It has brought me so much happiness into my life. That is what this gospel is here for, why we have the plan of Salvation, for us to have JOY. Cool right?
Elder Pierce

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hello family! Happy Obama day!  I mean Presidents day!
So a little joke for you to start off this wonderful email. Though I will not give you an answer till the END of the email. Patience.

Why do you not write with a broken pencil???

So this last week went very well for everyone. Alex and Sheryl are doing just great. Sheryl was able to come to church this week and she spent time with the primary and she really enjoyed her self. Alex was not able to make it this week though because he had to work again. Working around the work schedule here at the mine makes things very difficult. Most people are only able to have 2 Sundays off a month so it makes things harder for us as missionaries.
We met a family this week, the Redford's. We just had dinner with them last night and I just had to ask if they had any relation to the Redford's that lived in Sahuarita. Well ironically they did! He is the Uncle of Shayla and Laney Redford, two girls I baptized in my very first area so long ago! How crazy right. It truly is such a small world, especially when the church is involved. To see the blessings of your service as a missionary is what has helped me carry on with Faith. Knowing that I have made a difference in at least 1 persons life makes me realize how important this time has been to me. What a blessing.

I love you all so much. Its weird to think that I will probably only be sending 5 more emails as a missionary. StrangeI

Elder Pierce
p.s. Answer to joke...Its Pointless!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Only 6 more Weeks...That is very strange!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!! (heart shape things)
What a great yet average week we had this last week.
Transfers happened and I lost Elder Bischoff. He got transfered to North Tucson. But I got Elder Scott as a replacement. I enjoy Elder Scotts company.
It Snowed today. Snow is useless and doesnt really benefit anyone.
Thats all I have for this email.
Elder Scott and Elder Pierce
This is my last transfer. Only 6 more weeks. That is very strange.
Love, Elder Pierce

Monday, February 13, 2012

Spending Time with the Wonderful Lee Family...

Elder Bischoff, Heather, Ira and Elder Pierce
Elder Bischoff, Terry and Elder Pierce

Elder Bischoff, Titan, Ira and Elder Pierce

Monday, February 6, 2012


February. Whoa, how strange is that? Everyone, it doesn't feel like it should be this far into the month already. Or feel that I am going home so soon. Its warming up here a little bit I guess. This morning was really chilly though. We woke up really early and did our workouts then we went and did a memorial hike near a mountain where we live. Its not a very long hike at all but its was really cool. We timed it just right so when we got to the very top, the sun rose. It was such a beautiful sunrise and it helped to understand the gospel and perspective of life. I know that's a little much, but the hike travels right over the town of Clifton and everything just looked so small. Like a little model someone made or something. Just a wonderful morning we have had here already. This world and life is just so amazing and simple when we break it all down. When we get past the busyness of the world and the craziness we have to deal with on a daily basis, This life is easy, the choices we have to make are basic, the Gospel is evident in so many ways.
An awesome miracle we had this week was being able to meet our 2 new investigators. Alex and Cheryl, are great people. We met with them and had a great discussion in another members home. Alex had a ton of questions, a more outspoken kind of guy, and then Cheryl, was sweet and humble. Taking the answers we had given them, and then right there, applying them into her life. They have 3 small children and most of the members here in Morenci know who they are. She works at the daycare center where everyone drops their kids off so they can work out. Not the kids, the parents. So we are so excited to be teaching them and just get to know them. It was a true miracle to get them as investigators. I am very thankful, and Cheryl came to church this last Sunday. Alex was unable to because of the crazy work schedule. But that is something we will have to work around.
Not to much else to report on this week. Things are going very well for us over here though. The work will push forward, it always will, no matter what the circumstances.
Kinda sad I didn't get to meet Mitt Romney like some others back in my home ward. But its OK, I heard he is coming up here to Clifton next.
I love you all so much.
Elder Pierce