Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26th, 2010

Well hello family, how is everything going over in the 702? Everything is going great over here. I'm loving the work and things are just going so great. This week has definitely been a week of just craziness! A couple of stories for ya:

Just got home from hiking today, it was so much fun. Brother and Sister Baker took us up to a place called Catwalk, it was such a fun little hike. It felt good to get out of the heat and desert and to go up to where there are like pine trees and gentle rain and it was just great. I took a lot of pictures so I will send the camera card when I get some more pictures on it.

So it is official, you can absolutely not trust the weather around these parts. Its crazy. One minute bright blue skies, and then the next, it looks like evil is riding in on a cloud unleashing its hateful tears. With the lightning crashing and looking to hurt people. its nuts. It happened multiple times over the past couple days. One night, it rained so bad, we couldn't even get into our house. Verde Lee had been closed off due to the washes overflowing and flooding the streets. So we stayed at our mission leaders house until the rain calmed down. So we have had to call it quits multiple times throughout the week just so we can get home haha. But the lord watches over us, that's for sure.

Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010

Hello Hello Family!
I hope everyone is doing great and loving life. I don't have that much to report on this week actually. But how crazy, look how fast time flies. I have been out now for like 4 months. Well I'm one week away. Haha but seriously, i cant believe that i have been serving the lord for this long now, its actually kind of scary. When i really stop to think about it, things are just plugging right along you know. Just day by day, and things just keep on moving. The good days and the bad days, the hot days and the rainy days. The busy days and the slow days. All of them just go, one by one, day by day. WHOA, I'm freaking myself out just thinking about it.
Elder Manu & Pierce
Elder Ricks 
Being a DL, is actually alot of fun. There are a lot more responsibilities and stuff, but other than that it is fun. Being the senior companion now to, and like being in charge, its just alot different. I love my district though. In my district, there is just one other set of missionaries. Elder Ricks and Elder Manu. Both are VERY interesting characters. Elder Manu, is from Tonga and he is just a relaxed chilled out, likes to hunt things kind of guy. He actually goes home at the end of this transfer. And Elder Ricks is very eccentric and loves to talk talk talk. He is really funny though. He has been out for 20 months now. So they both have a lot of experience and stuff, and they help me out when i need it. They have a baptism coming up this Saturday, and i had to do the interview, my 1st one...and it was fun! She is an 11 year old girl and she is ready. So it was pretty easy.
So it was so funny, yesterday, me and Elder Howard were out seeing one of our investigators and we were standing on the porch with him just talking and seeing how life is going, when i looked up and asked him "so, whats your prediction on the weather?" (not a cloud in the sky) and he said "its gonna rain...hard"

Monday, July 12, 2010

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona
Well, hello family, So I'm sure you have heard that i have been transferred. Me and Elder Howard are opening up a new area inside the Duncan stake. We cover 1 ward and its called the Clifton ward. It is a very small area. We cover 4 different towns/communities. Clifton, Morenci, Verde Lee, and Loma Linda. There are not a lot of member in the area and there is also a very high turnover rate. Because Clifton/Morenci are a "one horse town" Over 75 percent of the entire area work at the mine that is located here. So people come and go all the time. So Me and elder Howard are doing are best to figure out who is even still here on the ward lists. And i am district leader, i wont go into details about that because i believe elder Moore mentioned all the stuff they have to do. Which is pretty crazy if you ask me. Like i cant believe I'm a DL already, even the rest of the missionaries here are like wow, 2 transfers and you a DL? so its pretty crazy.
And we are in a full car area, they gave us a brand new 2010 Chevy Malibu, which is nice but i would have rather gotten a truck, cuz we go on some pretty crazy roads that i don't think the "bu" can handle. But so far we have had a good go at it.
Well anyways, we live in the community of Verde Lee and our address is:
269 Wildlife Rd.
Clifton, AZ. 85533

Monday, July 5, 2010

"What did I just say?"

Hey family, not alot of time to write this week, We have to head up to tucson in like 10 min, president walker cleared us on playing a football game against the northwest zone, its gonna be tight!!!
That sucks to hear about what is happening with Tyler and Chase, i hope they get better and they will both be in my prayers.
Elder Pierce, Ethan and Elder Sorensen
So we had Ethans baptism two nights ago and it went really well. I gave the talk on baptism in front of everyone and it went really good. We had his friends dad (Bro. Householder)  baptize him and it went really well...or so we thought. Then Sunday roles around and Bro Householder was going to confirm him as well, but then we get a call. "hey elders, when I was baptizing Ethan I threw my back out and i cant even walk, so someone else will need to confirm him." hmmmm, so we made a quick adjustment and i confrimed him. my first one! it was kinda scary, but after we sat down, i leaned over to Elder Sorensen and asked "what did i just say?" i cant even remember it, i could feel the spirit working though me, so i guess it went good. Everyone came up and was like, that was really good and it was cool.
Well, until next week, gotta go, love ya!
Elder Pierce