Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Less than 8 months to go...

My wonderful Family. 
Its so great to be emailing you again. Another week has passed and July is coming to a close. August is just around the river bend. 
To start off this email. I wanted to share with you a realization I had when I was walking around with Elder Barner. I have discovered that it is incredibly difficult to look tough while carrying around Toilet paper. You should try it sometime. Its hard. 
Well this week has been good. Its had its ups and downs. But every week does. 
The Baptism of Dylan and Sabrina Pearson went great. They are such awesome kids. We barely had to do anything to set up the baptism. Our ward mission leader and the kids parents pretty much did everything. They got the programs ready, they filled the font, they invited everyone, and they even brought cookies. So we pretty much just had to show up haha. It was wonderful. 
Some other recent developments with some of our other investigators, Julian is back. We have been teaching him and helping him get back onto the strait and narrow. So that is going good. He has been really trying to get back to where he needs to be. HE really is a great guy, he has just been struggling a little bit. Then with another one of our investigators. She is really just ruffling my feathers. We have set up numerous rides for her to go to church, even stopped by her house to make sure she was awake and ready. And she has just been blowing of our rides. Which is really causing some member trust issues and Just all around frustration. She has accepted the commitment to be baptized she just wont follow through and keep those commitments of coming to church and reading from the book of Mormon. Man its just grinding my gears haha. But aside from that. We are having alot of success here in our part of the vineyard. 
The Lord is truly blessing us these past few days. I have been doing a lot of studying through the Book of Mormon and The D&C. I have been learning a lot from the Scriptures. If there has been one thing I have learned already from Elder Barner its how to study the scriptures effectively. He has a serious study habit and reads like all the time. Its actually pretty remarkable how long he can sit there and study. After like an hour I feel like I need to get up and run around or something. But truly being able to sit there and just study and ponder has helped me a lot and has helped my testimony grow more and more. 
Well family, I love you all very much. Less than 8 months to go...that's crazy. 
Love, Elder Pierce

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011

Hello family!
So to begin, I must start off by apologizing about not sending an email last week because in reality, I did send you an email. But this wonderful account decided to one, not send it. And 2, delete it. So awesome. But no worries, all is well. I will just have to make this email good I guess. 
These past 2 weeks have been certainly eventful. The biggest news to start off with Dylan and Sabrina. Those kids are just amazing! They are so ready and excited about getting baptized. It is unfortunate that elder Thatcher got transferred before their baptisms but it happens to the best of us. So they will be getting baptized this Saturday. Their dad will be baptizing them. I am really looking forward to it. It seems like its been awhile since I had a baptism so I needed to feel that spirit again. It helps alot. When you feel someone grow closer to their savior, they have a new "way" about them. They realized what is truly important in this life and they thrive from it. They grow and enhance their lives from the Saviors Atonement and grace. Through the true and everlasting gospel, their lives are changed! When you help someone make that change in their lives you too are changed. You feel the love of our Savior more abundantly in your life. That feeling just makes all of this worth it. All of this work and sweat, and sore feet and exhaustion is all worth it. 
We also have another investigator named Hans. He is legit. Such a cool guy. He is in his 40's an he is livin the life haha. He is a stud. Super interested in the gospel. We also found out out he is a stand-up comedian. He is hilarious. He was crackin all these jokes as we were trying to teach him haha. Super improv. He reminds me of Joey from "Friends" haha. 
Well here, I am, sitting here, brainstorming with Elder Page and Elder Hill wondering what else to say in this email. 
AHH, I know. This last Sunday, One of our investigators, Armando, showed up to church. That was just dandy. 
Well I love you all so much.
Elder Pierce

Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011

hey mom, just on real quick to let you know im not getting transfered, but Elder Thatcher is. My new companion is named Elder Barner... I will be on tomorrow and sorry about last week, the email decided not to send but to delete. I cant find it anywhere!!! sorry! I will send a rough summary of what happened 2 weeks ago tomorrow. mUch love
Elder Pierce

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm becoming a Celebrity

By the way, one of the first things I talked about with Sister Killpack blog haha. she said that when you type in "Arizona Tucson Mission" my name pops up with my blog haha. How cool! So some of the first things they learned about the mission, was about me!  I thought that was hilarious. I'm becoming a celebrity. 

July 5, 2011

Well we have our new mission president here now. President killpack. He seems nice. We should get to meet him tomorrow. We have a baptismal interview set up for an investigator so should be good. We might have a baptism on Saturday, maybe. She is waiting to see what happens with her boyfriend that is in jail. He wants to be baptized as well. So that is exciting. But they live together and have 3 kids but are not married. So that will be a fun obstacle to overcome.
It's been raining here. monsoon season is beginning, I'm super excited about that. We had our "independence bowl" yesterday. 1 big game of football between our zone and the west zone. I don't think I even have to say who won...but we did haha. On my mission I have only lost 1 game of football out of like 7. I think that's pretty good odds. haha. 6-1. pro status. All I do is win-win-win hahaha. But don't worry I'm still humble. Me and Elder Thatcher are getting along very well here. He is weird, I am weird. SO it all works out. haha.
We had a fun encounter with another drunk man the other day. We were out walking in the heat and we were by some apartments and we heard this guy just yelling and cussing and screaming profanities so we though we were going to witness a fight or something. But when we got closer it was just a guy sitting on his porch, eyes closed cussing and yelling haha. it was very funny. We tried walking by undetected but he noticed us and tried talking to us but we were in a hurry so we kept walking, As we were walking away, he was like "HEY! i love you guys" ahaha we expressed our love back to him and kept walking. It was pretty funny haha.
I Love you all.
ELder Pierce