Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So family.
Not too much to write about this week.
I got transferred from my last area and that caused alot of confusion. I am now serving on the University of Arizona campus and also serving in a family ward. It will be weird transitioning to working in a family ward again. But we will see how it goes.
We have 3 people set up to be baptized on the 7th of May. So im looking forward to that. We will see what happens.
I love you all. I dont have anything to write about this week.
Sorry. I will be back to myself this monday, hopefully, so you will get a good email then.
Elder Pierce

Monday, April 25, 2011


So today is transfers, no email, im going over to tucson to serve on the UofA Campus. Pretty tight. im sad to leave. I will email you all tomorrow!
Elder pierce

Monday, April 18, 2011

Take it Easy

Well hello there family! Great to be talking to you again. Always love the chance I have to share awesome miracles.
Well I'm just going to get down to it. This is what you have been waiting for!!! The chance of a life time is knocking on your door! Opportunity is throwing small pebbles at your window waiting for you to pay attention to it. Success is rolling on through like a freight train plummeting straight for you...OK that's all I got.
Seriously though, this last week was awesome. Starting with the major news, Ashley Brooks, The Poke'fanatic, Entered the waters of baptism on Saturday, April 16th. It was so amazing. She asked me to baptize her and she asked Elder Anderson to confirm her. We confirmed her after the baptism because we had stake conference this last Sunday. But It has been such a crazy ride with her. We have gone from her not even wanting to talk to us to her really understanding the concept of baptism and accepting the truthfulness behind what we share. She is so crazy to. After i lifted her out of the water, instead of wiping her face like someone might think to do, she shakes her head violently (like a dog would do) to get the water out of her face. She cracks me up. She is actually a very funny girl as well. She has mental situations and an ADD disorder but she is hilarious. I'm so happy for her and her decision that she made to be baptized. She is an awesome kid. And she has taught me A LOT about 1. Patience and 2. Pokemon hahaha. Good times.
Also, a sweet miracle that happened. Last Sunday, an individual came to church that I never recognized, we didn't have the chance to talk to him before he walked out the door and it was very disappointing. Well we asked around and found out the members he was sitting with and got in contact with him. We found out his name is Adam (last name disclosed). He is an awesome kid. He is 24 years old and the best way to describe him and the church is that he is in love with it haha. I am in love with him! just kidding...but seriously. Adam is so cool and is super solid. We have taught him everyday since we found him and he on schedule to be baptized on the 30th. He actually set and interview up with the bishop (on his own) and talked with him for about 30 minutes. He told the bishop that the only problem he had with being baptized on the 30th is that it wasn't soon enough. This is what he wants. He wants to be a part of this and he knows its true. He came to stake conference and he also came to the fireside we had last night. He is awesome.
Then there is also a young girl we are teaching that we found this week. Her name is Kelly. She has always been interested in the church but she was living with her inactive boyfriend that is against the Church. So she was never presented with the opportunity to learn. But now somethings have changed and she is not in the same situation any more. Now we are teaching her and she loves what she is learning. It makes me so happy to see when people have the chance to embrace this wonderful truth we have.
I love you all so much. I hope your week was as amazing as mine. Let us all remember the advice of The Eagles and lets "Take it easy"!
Love, Elder Pierce

Monday, April 11, 2011

5 More Weeks

Wow, hello family.
Things are going great here. Just loving the work. Loving being a missionary. How could you not love it??? You get to wake up and serve the Lord. Serve the people in this area and bring them closer to Christ. What more important work is there??? I cant think of any. So its just great.
So this week was pretty good actually. We had more meetings we had to go to and now this Wednesday we have zone training and Interviews with President Walker. I'm looking forward to them this time. This might be our last interview with president. He goes home in July so we will be getting a new mission president soon. That will be weird. But cool I guess. I just love President Walker, but then we got some new guy coming in. Its like getting a new boss at work when you were used to the rules and policies of your old boss or manager. It will just be a little different. Buts its OK, life is different so we have to keep things spicy every now and then.

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

Hello my wonderful family.
Its so good to be emailing you again. P-days rock! Well anyways, what did everyone think of General Conference??? I loved it so much. The talks were all so well given and it felt like the spirit was hitting me over the head with a sledgehammer! Well lets talk a little about the rest of my week so we can get that out of the way.
So April fools day was just the other day. And unfortunately I didn't pull a single joke! Do you believe that??? We had a joke played on us though. We went over to our ward mission leaders house for dinner and as we walk in he is cooking up what looks like chili. So he serves us up a bowl and has us sit at the table and bless it. He intentionally didn't get drinks so he could get up and not eat a bite. Well anyways, me and elder Anderson both had some and boy that was definitely not chili. There was so much different random things in that mush it was ridiculous. Beans, cake, syrup, vinegar, protein bars, uncooked rice, leftover lasagna, and more. I could keep going but I wont. Just know, it was disgusting.
The main event I wanted to talk about or just share with you is about Ashley.
Ashley is doing great. We have been focusing extra hard on getting her to understand the doctrine of Christ and help her to gain a testimony. She has learned what the gospel is and what it contains, the commandments involved which she has to follow, and the proper order of things. But she has failed in gaining a faith in it. She may KNOW what it is but she doesn't UNDERSTAND what it is. What I'm trying to say is that she knows the doctrine but she doesn't have a faith in it. She made a big emphasis on how she wants to be sealed to her mother though. She knows that the only way that can happen is if she is baptized. So she understands certain prerequisites in obtaining an eternal family. She is a very interesting character. Her belief system is unique. haha. I learned a valuable lesson about this though. Applying Ashley's scenario into our own lives. How many commandments do we know, but how many commandments and points of doctrine do we UNDERSTAND? Do we have a belief in them or do we have an unwavering faith in them and their divine validity? (hopefully the latter) It is so important to know and comprehend how important of a role they play in our lives. They are there to guide us and keep us safe. Keep us separated from the world and the tactics of Satan. As we follow the commandments of God we are guided by his loving spirit. Our Heavenly father has a plan of happiness laid out for us so that we may ALL reach the Celestial Potential we were created for. So that we may experience the unending joy that our Loving father in heaven has prepared for us. I would encourage you all to not only KNOW the commandments given to us from our God, but to understand them, to fully apply them into your lives so you can experience all the blessings your Heavenly Father has in store for you. I love you all so much. If there is anything I can ever do I'm simply a letter away haha. And if there is anything you ever need, HE is always just a prayer away. I love you.

Take care.
Elder Pierce
P.s. I tye dyed my first shirt this past week and it turned out freakin awesome. So righteous.