Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

2 More Baptisms!

hello family! how is it going over there in vegas? how is the Ritz doin? we are doin good down here, Arizona weather sure is hot thats for sure, my typing is going to be real bad today, we were playin volleyball with the mommas (mothers in the word with like 5 kids each) and i smashed my fingers pretty darn good, one might be broken, but im fine, no need to worry, i have bandaids with superheros on them haha.
Well this week went really good. we had 2 more baptisms on thursday and confirmations yesterday. Their names are Shayla (14) and Laney (9) they are really cool girls and i got some pictures so i can send that to you.

i also went on my first exchange the other day. i went all the way down to Nogales with our zone leader Elder Feltner. he is so cool and only has 4 weeks left. the only problem with the exchanges was thta elder feltner is a spanish speaking missionary and Nogales is a spanish speaking zone haha. all i did was sit there and nod my head hahaha, it was so much fun. i could understand what they were saying kinda but not really. he just told them that i can undertand really well but i cant speak it, it worked out for us. we talked for a long time about stories of the past and stories about the mission, it was so much fun. but nogales is seriously like right on the border, me and elder baradoy stopped and took a visit to the border and took some pictures haha, it was so fun.
Border Patrol  ?

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm already dunkin em!!

hello everrybody!!! how is it goin in the 702??? i hope its goin good. its going fantastic here in not sure what the area code is but its good. i am having alot of fun and doing a lot of hard work. i never thought i could fall asleep so easily! well my trainers name is Elder Baradoy, he is from canada, calgary or something like that, it doesnt matter. he is so cool and such a spiritual guru, he has taught me alot of stuff.  including how to do the rubiks cube!! i can do it all the way now. well anyways, lets talk about other things. like where i live and how some experience has happened. the members here feed us almost everynight, it is so cool and we get to know the members here so well. I am living in an area called Sahaurita, my adress right now is

300 w.Via Alamos #514
Green Valley, AZ 85614

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Worth of Souls

Greenie Box
Hey everybody! first off i would like to say thank you so much for all the letters and dear elders and packages! keep um coming!!! haha i would then like to say taht if there are any typos sorry but im trying to type as fast as i can. and then that i love all of you so much!!!!!!
now to start this email has snowed for the past 4 days, are you kidding me??? i am from vegas and this kind of weather is not appealing to me, one day was nice  but after the third it got al ittle old haha.  and then we got out iteneraries and my plane will be leaving on april 13th at 10am, i am not sure when they will let me call home, it might be at the air port or it could be at the mission Pres. house, i honestly dont know as of right now.
and my district loves the licorice that you sent, it was gone with in the first night.