Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26th, 2010

Well hello family, how is everything going over in the 702? Everything is going great over here. I'm loving the work and things are just going so great. This week has definitely been a week of just craziness! A couple of stories for ya:

Just got home from hiking today, it was so much fun. Brother and Sister Baker took us up to a place called Catwalk, it was such a fun little hike. It felt good to get out of the heat and desert and to go up to where there are like pine trees and gentle rain and it was just great. I took a lot of pictures so I will send the camera card when I get some more pictures on it.

So it is official, you can absolutely not trust the weather around these parts. Its crazy. One minute bright blue skies, and then the next, it looks like evil is riding in on a cloud unleashing its hateful tears. With the lightning crashing and looking to hurt people. its nuts. It happened multiple times over the past couple days. One night, it rained so bad, we couldn't even get into our house. Verde Lee had been closed off due to the washes overflowing and flooding the streets. So we stayed at our mission leaders house until the rain calmed down. So we have had to call it quits multiple times throughout the week just so we can get home haha. But the lord watches over us, that's for sure.

So dang, you know that leadership training Elder Moore just mentioned in his email. We are doing it as well over here. Tomorrow, i will be meeting up with the two other district leaders in the zone and then meet the zone leaders and take the 4 hour drive down to Tucson where we can have our big leadership training. I wont be getting back into the area until Friday morning or Friday night. Either way, its a long time from the area. I'm excited for it though. It should be really fun. Then we are doing the same thing next week. So I'm not sure. Everything in the mission is changing around though, that's for sure. We are not having as much interviews, zone conferences, etc. So things are getting shifted around.

So we had a pretty awesome experience the other day. It was so cool and powerful. So i took into account the stories that you told me about Austin hunt and how he planned to find a certain number of new investigators, and it worked. So i took the challenge. I told Elder Howard. We are going to go tracting on this day, at this time, and on this street and we are going to find a family of 4 and teach them the gospel. Well so we tried...We tracted the street at 2 o'clock, and we had no success. I was pretty upset and down on my luck. but we kept tracting it, and we got to the second to last house on the street, and we talked to this lady for about an hour and a half, and taught her a full first lesson. It wasn't what i wanted but it was still something...or so i thought. We kept talking to her and turns out, she is married with 2 kids, and a brand new baby. So we found our family of four and the lord threw in a little bonus because of our faith. I know this is heavenly fathers work. This isn't our work one single bit. We are simply here to deliver a message, a message that our brothers and sisters have merely forgotten. I am so happy to be serving the lord on a full time mission. No other work on this world could bring anyone the kind of joy that we share. This is the true gospel. This is The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. And i proudly wear the title on my chest each and every single day! I love you all.

Elder Pierce

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