Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

"What did I just say?"

Hey family, not alot of time to write this week, We have to head up to tucson in like 10 min, president walker cleared us on playing a football game against the northwest zone, its gonna be tight!!!
That sucks to hear about what is happening with Tyler and Chase, i hope they get better and they will both be in my prayers.
Elder Pierce, Ethan and Elder Sorensen
So we had Ethans baptism two nights ago and it went really well. I gave the talk on baptism in front of everyone and it went really good. We had his friends dad (Bro. Householder)  baptize him and it went really well...or so we thought. Then Sunday roles around and Bro Householder was going to confirm him as well, but then we get a call. "hey elders, when I was baptizing Ethan I threw my back out and i cant even walk, so someone else will need to confirm him." hmmmm, so we made a quick adjustment and i confrimed him. my first one! it was kinda scary, but after we sat down, i leaned over to Elder Sorensen and asked "what did i just say?" i cant even remember it, i could feel the spirit working though me, so i guess it went good. Everyone came up and was like, that was really good and it was cool.
Well, until next week, gotta go, love ya!
Elder Pierce

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