Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010

Hello Hello Family!
I hope everyone is doing great and loving life. I don't have that much to report on this week actually. But how crazy, look how fast time flies. I have been out now for like 4 months. Well I'm one week away. Haha but seriously, i cant believe that i have been serving the lord for this long now, its actually kind of scary. When i really stop to think about it, things are just plugging right along you know. Just day by day, and things just keep on moving. The good days and the bad days, the hot days and the rainy days. The busy days and the slow days. All of them just go, one by one, day by day. WHOA, I'm freaking myself out just thinking about it.
Elder Manu & Pierce
Elder Ricks 
Being a DL, is actually alot of fun. There are a lot more responsibilities and stuff, but other than that it is fun. Being the senior companion now to, and like being in charge, its just alot different. I love my district though. In my district, there is just one other set of missionaries. Elder Ricks and Elder Manu. Both are VERY interesting characters. Elder Manu, is from Tonga and he is just a relaxed chilled out, likes to hunt things kind of guy. He actually goes home at the end of this transfer. And Elder Ricks is very eccentric and loves to talk talk talk. He is really funny though. He has been out for 20 months now. So they both have a lot of experience and stuff, and they help me out when i need it. They have a baptism coming up this Saturday, and i had to do the interview, my 1st one...and it was fun! She is an 11 year old girl and she is ready. So it was pretty easy.
So it was so funny, yesterday, me and Elder Howard were out seeing one of our investigators and we were standing on the porch with him just talking and seeing how life is going, when i looked up and asked him "so, whats your prediction on the weather?" (not a cloud in the sky) and he said "its gonna rain...hard"
so I was thinking haha whatever he is crazy. So we talk to him for I kid you not, another ten minutes, and it monsoons right on top of us. Lighting hit a transformer box, probably 10 feet away from us, knocking out all power in the area. haha it was so crazy. So note to self, trust the locals!!!
SO on to the ward. The ward is great, and they are just now getting the handle on passing around the ward list. Because when i said we were opening up the area, it is actually an interesting story. So Elder ricks and Manu, covered the entire stake, so they were only in Clifton once a week, so the members never worried about meal times or exchanges, or any of that. So now that they have full time missionaries in the ward, they don't really know what to do with us, haha, but its all good. We have been helping them and working with our WML (former stake president) really closely for meals and everything else. We are working on getting a key to the building for the church tours we are trying to set up. So I am getting fed! haha so mom, no need to worry, i am a big boy...kinda. lol
Handsome Mens Club Tie
I Just got your letter today pops and don't worry, I'm working on writing you back by hand to answer all of your questions more in depth. Haven't gotten the package from you yet though mom, Ive been watching the mail all day and I'm actually gonna go to the post office after this and check it out. And I got the package that Aunt Nene sent me a couple days ago, I had to have Elder Sorensen forward it to me, I'm actually wearing the shirt that they sent me right now haha, I love it. And the picture at the bottom, make sure Aunt Nene sees that, what do you think?  "Handsome Mens Club" material??? hahahah, I love it!!!
So tomorrow is zone conference and I'm looking forward to that. We have to drive 2 and a half hours to Sliver City, NM for it.  long drive, and it starts at 8 in the morning New Mexico time, and NM is an hour ahead of us, so you do the math. :(
Elder Howard
Well everyone, I am in love with each and every single one of you! Never ever stop being who you are and always remember your Heavenly Father loves you, and He cares for you so much that we cant even comprehend the level of his Love.  I love you, Read the scriptures and pray everyday. Until next time.
Love Elder Pierce.
P.s. we are going hiking next week for p-day so I'm not sure what time i will be on here to email, but i will be on sooner or later.
Quote of the week: Elder Howard-"We are going to walk there?!  Did you ever stop to think that maybe i like being fat!?!" hahahah that kid cracks me up!

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