Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Well family. 
Looks like its the last week of 2011. Last week for me to email you for the rest of the YEAR!!! WHOA!!! That it pretty crazy. But its part of life. And don't forget to make some good New Years Resolutions!
Elder Pierce, Abraham and Elder Blake

I don't have to much to report on for this last week. I know it was Christmas and everything. But things just went so good its almost to difficult to put it all into words. I will give you a rough summary of how my Christmas went. Saturday was Abraham's baptism. It was just an amazing experience. HE was so ready to accept the gospel and have it be a part of his life. And President Killpack and his family was there. Then on Saturday evening, we spent the night with our Bishop and his family. We were there for Dinner, which was steak and fondue (spelling?) it was delicious. Then we decorated cookies and then delivered them to families in the ward as we were caroling to them. It was such a great experience.
The next morning was Christmas breakfast time. We ended up waking up at 515 or so to open up presents, then sped on over to The Kriser house for breakfast and opening presents at 630. It was a lot of fun and we actually even ended up taking a nap over there which was unintentional but much needed. From there we went home and i got to call my wonderful family and so did Elder Blake. That was just great. Then 330 rolled around and it was time for church. In which Elder Blake and I were a part of the Christmas program.
After church we hitch-hiked for a ride into Sahaurita for dinner at the Ross house. Tons of fun as well. We had a sweet turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and got to spend the Christmas evening with them. Very nice people. They have a young son that has red hair just like mine was and i told him that he better get ready for the compliments the rest of his life ha ha. Because it happens. Trust me. Then Monday, we had a mission wide conference. Where every missionary got together for a Christmas brunch and socializing  with a spiritual meeting afterwards. There was also a tie exchange (the tie I got was super ugly).
IT was a very good way to spend my 2nd Christmas on my mission and the last till I come home. I'm super excited to see you all very soon. But hopefully not to soon.
Brother & Sister Kriser with Elder Pierce..
A special Thank you to this family for being so Wonderful
My new years resolution is to Finish my mission strong, All I have is 3 months, I better make them count. Whats your New Years Resolution???
Thug Love,
Elder Pierce

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