Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Boy, don't you just love Christmas!

Hello family,
Hope everything is going well for you because it sure is for me. This will be the last email you get from me before the glorious day occurs...CHRISTMAS!!!!
Boy, don't you just love Christmas?!?! i think i love everything about it. The lights, the decorations, the goodies, the Christmas spirit, Christ, the goodies. Oh how wonderful.
Christmas is looking good for us. We have had several invites over to members houses and plus i get to call my wonderful family. How cool!
But on Christmas eve is where the Real Christmas spirit shines through. Abraham is getting baptized! At 10 in the morning we will be holding his baptismal service. He truly has changed so much. It has just been an honor to get to know him. It truly has helped me to see the miracle of the Atonement change someones life. The other day, we were talking to him and he got a little emotional as he expressed he feelings towards us, letting us know that we are his best friends and telling us how the knowledge of the restored gospel has changed his life. He is an amazing individual that I have grown to care deeply about. And because of his willingness to learn and understand, there has also been an added degree of wanting to share the gospel. We are now teaching his aunt and mom more about the gospel. Its a little more difficult to teach his mom because she doesn't speak much English, but we are getting by haha.
We also had our Christmas party this last Friday, that was so much fun. We ended up having 4 investigators show up. So that was really cool. They all loved it. It was kind of an odd party though when it comes down to the actually party part, but it turned out good. It was just different, that's all. I'm just glad Santa had time to show up, especially in this busy kind of season.
But honestly, that is all i really have to report on for this last week. It was a very good overall week though. Things went great.
I look forward to calling home in like 6 days! whoo hoo!!
Enjoy this Christmas season before its to late and passed, if you don't then you will have to wait a whole year to try again!
Love, Elder Pierce

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