Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Officially December

Wow, officially December. So far December has started off excellent. Well besides it being really cold around here. We woke up to go and play volleyball this morning and there was ice all over the car and it was just so cold. I was not liking it all. But as far as missionary work goes and having awesome miracles happen in our life, things are going wonderful.
We had stake conference on Sunday and it was so cool. Me and 2 other missionaries sang in the stake choir which was a cool experience. There was so much people in that building, I was kind of nervous but everything went great. We had 2 investigators come to the stake conference as well and they loved it. The temple president and his wife from the mesa temple spoke and so did president and sister Killpack. It was a spiritual powerhouse of a conference. I loved it. It was really cool as well because president Killpack spoke about missionary work and then he asked all of the missionaries that were present and serving in the sahuarita stake to stand up. It looked like an army stood up! it was so cool. We have the most missionaries in the sahaurita stake then any other stake in the mission. 2 zones. It was so cool to see us all stand up and unified in the same purpose. Which is to invite others to come unto Christ through faith in Him, repentance, Baptism, receiving the gift of The Holy Ghost, and to endure to the end.
Things have been going great with Abraham as well. He was not able to make the conference due to a funeral he had to attend, but he is doing great. He is loving everything he is learning and then some. We have now been teaching his aunt about the gospel, because Abraham has been leaving the pamphlets around his house on purpose in hopes his aunt and mom will become curious. And they have. His aunt has been asking lots of questions and she wants to come to church this Sunday. It was such a cool miracle. We are getting him mom some pamphlets in Spanish so can learn more about it too. The Lord has truly been blessing us. (fun fact: Abraham actually just walked into the library we are emailing at and we just got to talk to him. How cool).
Then we have also been able to meet more with The Provsgaards. They are a really cool family as well. We have been meeting with them for some time and we weren't really sure which direction to go with them. So we decided to just share a spiritual message with them instead of trying to get them to listen to a full lesson. It worked beautifully. It was just what they needed. We gave them plenty of time to talk about how life is going with them and then just had great conversation with them. After we shared the message brought up a lot of questions that we didn't know about and helped them to understand the doctrine mo' better. It was just a very spiritual lesson. Then before we could initiate a time to come back, she brought it up asking when we were available to come back. You could tell they tasted the spirit in that lesson and they wanted seconds. An awesome blessing from the Lord.
The Lord is truly blessing us in this part of his Vineyard. I love being able to serve him and help bring his children closer to him. What a blessing in my life.
Well I love you all so much. I hope things are as great for you as they are for me.
Elder Pierce

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