Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010

Due to the sheer awesomeness this email contains, i advise those that can't handle awesomeness to skip reading this email and wait for next week...
So i guess you decided to read it anyways, OK, your choice.
This week has been amazing! We have had just crazy things happening in Green Valley/Sahuarita.
First i will start off with Monday. Monday was a weird day. That's for sure, we went over to dinner at this family's house (The Harts) and they are a "unique" bunch. Well anyways, what was so cool about the entire dinner was that at the end, bro Hart, froze a racket ball using liquid nitrogen and then made me slam it on the ground. It was pretty awesome and it made this loud pop and shattered. then within a couple of min, the racket ball was soft and rubbery again, so instead of missionary work i have decided to work with liquid nitrogen...hahah just kidding! By the way, i don't want pizza again for awhile, this past week we have had pizza for dinner 5 nights in a row! are you kidding me? pizza is good and all but seriously, its gets old haha. Then yesterday, they had us over again to make ice cream using liquid nitrogen, it was really delicious and cool cuz he let us make it.
Then Monday night, we went and visited this part member family all the way in a place we call "little Mexico" its a pretty crazy place. Well anyways we got done visiting them and we are driving home and going pretty fast down this road, its dark and there are no street lights or anything. And just before i tell you the good part let me tell you this little detail that will probably give it away...The stray dog population in little Mexico is MASSIVE....any ideas yet? They i will just spoil it for you, we killed a dog and it was so sad. it left a huge dent in our bumper and broke our light! you believe that? its hair was still stuck in the was sad, don't let kyndal read that part or she will be really upset with us haha. but if it matters for anything, i wasn't driving, i was just the accomplice to murder that's all. haha.
Anyways, moving on, we had Zone Training on Tuesday, that was fun, my first legit interview with President Walker, it was cool and he had a lot of good advice for me on how to improve my teaching and just be a better missionary, he is a really cool guy and he is super spiritual and stuff. He told me great advice on being steadfast, in missionary work, much like life, things are gonna be up and down, but when the ups are up, we cant get to excited and relaxed, and when the downs are down, we cant get to depressed and sad about things, we must stay concentrated and focused in all that we do and he just made a lot of sense to me and stuff, he is a cool guy.
And we also had the Temple Dedication for the Gila Valley Temple yesterday, that was a cool experience and it was really amazing. And President Monson is a hoot! he is so funny, the whole time when they were putting the corner stone in he was cracking jokes and like messing around. It really proved to me that even though he is a Prophet of the Lord, he is still a normal guy and he is just so full of joy, He is a great man.
Elder Pierce, David, Sister Bertoldo, Mia & Elder Baradoy the moment we have all been waiting for. The most awesome event thus far in my mission, (i haven't been out long though haah) but its still awesome. So, like i mentioned earlier, Tuesday was zone training, and we had interviews with President Walker. Well in Elder Baradoys interview, President looks right at him and says, "i want to talk about David and Mia Bertoldo" ummmm OK, you have to understand that P-Dubs is a very busy mission president. Because in our mission, we baptize probably 120 people a month, so for him to single out 2 investigators, that's a big deal. President starts going off asking questions of what we have already done to get them closer to baptism, Baradoy responded with "we have done a lot, we have prayed that David Sr.'s heart will be softened and..." president walker stops him right there. "OK good, but i believe his heart has already been softened, we need to have a fast. I want you and your companion to fast, i want David and Mia to fast, i want their mother to fast, i want the bishop to fast along with the entire bishopric and ward council, i want your ward mission to fast and Me and my wife will fast with you, if you want your entire zone to fast with you they will do that. The fast needs to happen now and i feel strongly that we can baptize them this weekend. If the bishop is not OK with this, i will personally drive down there tonight and talk with him, then he WILL be OK with it. Interview the kids and get them ready for baptism, lets show some faith!"....Ya, President Walker is intense, cuz he goes into revelation mode and its scary haha. So we listened to him. We fasted, and we got everyone to fast with us that Thursday. We Interviewed David and Mia at 4 o'clock on Friday. Then we had Bishop Nay, go and talk to David Sr. to try and get his permission to be baptized. Needless to say, we baptized them on Saturday at 730...miracles happen people. This is God's work. When we put forth work and exercise our faith, the Lord extends his hand and does his part. I know this gospel is true, I know it with all of my heart. Our heavenly father is always looking out for us and he will ALWAYS extend his hand as long as we have faith that he will. By the way, i had the opportunity to baptized David. It was such a cool experience and it was just AWESOME.
Well, i love you all so much, this email only has room for only one miracle at a time ha ha. Also, we get our transfer calls tonight, so we will know tonight, i will send home a little update or something to let you know whats happening. I love you!
Elder Pierce
P.s. Tracy, i dont know if i let you know or not but I have the standard size and my books are together. so ya, haha i love you, tell timmy boy i love him. I hope he is doing good and gettin those baptisms!

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