Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

We are awesome and we like to do Awesome things!

So family. i just called you yesterday so i don't really have so much to talk about. but i will mention some good stuff that happened during the week. I had my first dog attack the other day. we were visiting this investigator and they have small yappy dogs. well as soon as they open the door, their little doxen runs over  and attacks my pant leg. i honestly didn't move and just stood there while it tried to be "vicious" and then i kicked it and it let go. it was actually really funny ha ha. because that dog always tries to scare us away and barks like constantly, i seriously want to throw my Book of Mormon at it. give it a real good bible bashing ha ha.
anyways, i got to drive for the first time the other day. it felt so good to be behind the wheel again. and it was so awesome how it happened because we were walking out to the car and i had the phone and baradoy had the keys like usual. well we are walking and I'm in front by like 5 feet and baradoy goes "hey elder pierce..." and i look back and the keys just like magically fell into my hands. it was so tight ha ha.
We also had dinner at the Magee's house the other night and we got to talking and it turns out that he lived in Vegas for a while and he was in our stake. he even went to the same building. i cant remember what ward he was in but he said he spoke in the desert breeze ward one time. it was so cool finally finding someone who lived in Vegas for awhile. it was nice.
And i performed a miracle the other day. it was like the windows of heaven opened up and descended upon me. it was super cool. we had an appointment with Linzee at 4 the other day but she wasn't there. so we were like crap, so we drove up to her work (subway) to see if she was there and she was sitting outside...smoking of all things. so we pulled up and was like "what up?" she was like i just got fired blah blah blah and like she started going on and on about how if she could find a job within the next week it would be a i was listening but not really and i looked behind her and on this Chinese restaurant sign it said "we hire now!" so i was like "what about that Chinese place, they are hiring, try in there." and she was like i didn't even see that, so we leave and we call her a couple hours later and she tells us that she got hired on the spot and she works her first shift that night...miracle? i think so! Boo Yeah!!! Elder Pierce-1 Satan-0, and she gets payed 2 more dollars an hour!
And Rachel, i am so sorry about your baby, i feel so bad but you are loved by everyone around you and your heavenly father loves you so much. and through the atonement all things will be corrected. I love you so much, and always stay strong and faithful. Your family loves you. If there is anything i can do just let me know. i know i cant do much but let me know anyways ha ha. i love you
Well that's all i have for now, i told you pretty much everything the other night.
Well i love you all so much. you send me letters and i will do my best to send them back! ha ha. well i love you and keep up the good work
Quote of the week
"We are awesome, and we like to do awesome things." Pierce & Baradoy

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