Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12,2012

Well family. Another great P-day today. Just getting things started and taking care of B'iness.
A short miracle I would like to share with you today is of events that happened long ago when I served in the Gila Valley. I was serving in the Gila Valley on the institute. The Singles wards. While I was there, we were teaching these two football players Kamu and D'zack. They were really cool guys that were introduced to us by their friend who was also a football player. Very cool individuals. Well, we were teaching them and things went well. D'zack lost interest after a few lessons but we continued to teach Kamu and he accepted what we taught him but had a harder time keeping commitments like coming to church. Eventually I got transferred and I didn't know what happened to Kamu after that. Well a few nights ago, we were teaching Alex and Sheryl and the Arringtons were over there. Well I knew that Sione, the football player who introduced us to Kamu, was Sis. Arringtons brother. She looked at me during the lesson and said...
"Elder Pierce, do you remember my brother Sione? Well he was telling me that he invited you over to teach two other football players one time, do you remember them? Well, he wanted me to tell you that he was talking to Kamu the other day and told me that he moved to Texas and got baptized down there. He said that he continued to read the Book Of Mormon after you left and found the missionaries in Texas and asked them if he could be baptized."
I was in shock. It was such an uplifting piece of news that did my heart good. Kamu was such a cool guy and I'm so happy for him to hear that he finally accepted the gospel. Our influence as missionaries and members extends farther than we realize. We can touch the lives of so many through our good example and diligent efforts in teaching them and extending an invitation to learn more. I'm so thankful everyday for the chance I have to serve and help others who are searching.
Love, Elder Pierce

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