Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sept 7, 2010

HELLO! family.

Well dang, sorry this is getting to you on Tuesday, but the libraries were closed due to labor day. (i think that was the holiday). It seems that holidays just mess everything up for missionary work. no one really wants to talk, or they go out of town, or they have family over. Then the businesses get closed, and it just evolves into a big mess. haha.
But its OK, we still had fun. It was P-day anyways so it was alright.
But also, i just read Elder Moore's email, and wow, that elder is just amazing. I look forward to reading his emails every week because of how spiritual they are. Just an amazing individual.

Well so today, i would like to share an experience with you that we had the other day. Like i mentioned in my last email. We spoke in sacrament meeting the other week. Well when we were speaking, i noticed 2 faces walk in that i have never seen before. So immediately we went and spoke to them after sacrament meeting was over. We talked with them and set up an appointment to go and visit with them on that Tuesday. So we show up and its just one of the ladies we talked to and her daughter. Her daughter is 16 years old and her name is Nikita. They are of Navajo decent and just really good people. So we have a nice discussion with them and find out that Alta (the mother) is a member and Nikita was not. She then expressed to us that she wanted to get baptized since last year. So i looked at her and said "well lets make it happen!" So we taught them the first lesson and set her a baptismal date for the 25th. Nikita is just on fire right now. She came to church last Sunday and has been reading all of her chapters/keeping all of her commitments. She is way awesome. We even have a lesson set up with her for tonight at the church. We are way excited about the entire situation. The work is really starting to pick up in Clifton/Morenci. 
There are only a couple things i would change about the situation right now. I am so tired of gates...i hate them. Every single house around here has a gate completely around their house. And then they like padlock them so we cant get into them or put like safety locks on them...Ohh they are frustrating. And dogs. There are alot of stray dogs around the town. Because the turnover rate is so high here, people get dogs, then they get fired, so they move, but the dog stays. So the dogs are just running around. It is so funny though because me and elder Howard give the dogs juke moves and they get scared and run away. But this one dog that elder Howard gave a fake-out to almost attacked him. It was really funny. Then this boxer almost bit him on the arm. I was laughing so hard when i saw it. He is a funny kid.
Before i tell you a funny quote, i want to give you some background information. There is a member here who is just awesome. The family name is the Lewis's and they are tight. Well anyways, they help us out and give us water and are always watching out for us. Well the other day, we were just having a bad day. Nobody was keeping their appointments and it was just rough. Well, we went to the Lewis's and told them about it and she offered us ice cream and Dr. pepper to make the pain go away haha. Well we were having a bad day again the other day, and we ran out of plans. And elder Howard suggested we go to see sister Lewis. But I told him,  I'm pretty sure they were out of town. Then he said "But then who is going to drown our sorrows with Dr pepper and ice cream!!!"
Well until next week my family. I love you all so much. Thank you for the love and support you send to me.
Elder Pierce

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