Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Drum roll please

how is my family doing this week?? I hope everything is going well back at home.
I guess the biggest news that you have all been waiting for is the transfer news...(drum role please) and elder Howard are both staying together another transfer here in Clifton!!! exiting right?? it is very exciting. We are both looking forward to serving together for another 6 weeks. We get along with each other really well and we have been having so much success. We are just having alot of fun down here.
Elder Howard, Nikita & Elder Pierce
Well on to more important news. We had a baptism last Saturday!!! YAY!!! Nikita Yazzie got baptized!!! it was so awesome. She was so ready. Bishop day had the opportunity to baptize and confirm her and it was just great. Me and elder Howard both said the prayers during the baptism. So it was just great. I cant express enough how needed that baptism was in this area. Because we have been having success but we really needed to start dunking people. So we did. And i really feel that Nikita was a gift from the lord. Because she was already ready. We just had to teach her. She was just on fire the entire time we were teaching her.
And this week is looking awesome as well. Its just going to go great. The highlight of this week is clearly going to be this weekend. For one, we get to listen and watch General Conference!! SWEET!!! I'm excited. Well here is our schedule for this Saturday. First the 9-11 session, then the 1-3 session, then Evan Lackner's BAPTISM!!!, then 5-7 priesthood session. So our Saturday, is going to be booked for like the whole day, then Sunday of course.
What I'm looking forward to this Saturday as well though is that during the priesthood session, the Clifton ward provides an ice cream buffet!!! do you believe that? and ice cream buffet for the priesthood session. how awesome!!! what could be better than that? Being able to listen the the prophet and other general authorities while chowing down on endless ice!
Hmmm, what else has been happening down here...i will inform you of a sweet miracle that we had here. The other day, we visited a former investigator by the name of Maria Enriquez. She is such a nice lady. In Maria's life, she has a ton of challenges from day to day. She has severe medical problems, which require her to be in a wheel chair as well as having severe arthritis in her hands and wrists. She suffers from all of these problems yet still has such a strong faith in god. Well the other day, when Elder Quevas and Elder Howard were visiting her, they offered to give her a priesthood blessing and she accepted. Well not even 2 minutes after the blessing, the phone rings. Its the hospital calling. They inform her that she has just been accepted to receive a shot she has been waiting months for that will help her walk again. It was a miracle and the hand of the lord intervened in her life. Ever since  that day, she has been studying and reading from the book of Mormon, and she has said she knows the church is true. We made emphasis on how the priesthood has been restored and there is a way for ALL of us to return to live with our father in heaven again. She has been told from the holy ghost himself that this church is true, and she knows that. It was such a miracle and i am so happy to be a missionary and see the lives of individuals change every single day!!! How amazing of a work. How great is our joy!!! I love you all so much. Thank you for being such a great support and love to me.
Love, Elder Pierce

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