Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Worth of Souls

Greenie Box
Hey everybody! first off i would like to say thank you so much for all the letters and dear elders and packages! keep um coming!!! haha i would then like to say taht if there are any typos sorry but im trying to type as fast as i can. and then that i love all of you so much!!!!!!
now to start this email has snowed for the past 4 days, are you kidding me??? i am from vegas and this kind of weather is not appealing to me, one day was nice  but after the third it got al ittle old haha.  and then we got out iteneraries and my plane will be leaving on april 13th at 10am, i am not sure when they will let me call home, it might be at the air port or it could be at the mission Pres. house, i honestly dont know as of right now.
and my district loves the licorice that you sent, it was gone with in the first night.
ok now a raise of hands, who loved confrence!?! i did i did!!! it was so cool. i would have to say that my fav talks were from bednar and uchtdorf. i loved his talk about warning signs and i took so much notes. i also loved the talk about how the worth of souls is great in the sight of god. the story about the dollar bill analogy when he said "i may be torn, tattered, and ripped, but i am still worth the full 20 dollars." oh man that struck me right to the core, i was tearin up and everything. the spirit is so strong. and listen to this. i accidentaally started to doze off during this ladies talk, and as im falling asleep, something hits me on the back of the head. my companion didnt do it and there was no one behind me.....weird, im thinking the spirit wanted me to listen during that talk haha, it kinda freaked me out though.
there are all kind of cool missionaries here though and we all love god and love to do his work. there is an elder here with one! and then there are elders here with physical and mental disablities but they are the most humble and kind elders here. i look up to them so much. like if i just had an ounce of the spirit they had with me i would ebe happy.
i would also like to share with you guys what has become the staple in our district. it is hymn 60 "battle hymn of the republic" we sing it almost everywhere we go and sometimes we get other elder and sisters to sing with us. the last verse says "in the beauty of the lilies, christ was born across the sea, with a glory in his bosom that transfigures you and me. as he died to make men holy, let us live to make us free, while god is marching on." we love taht song so much and just love to sing it. we are not very good but we try to be lol.
another thing i would like to talk about is laundry. mom i am so glad you taught me how to do laundry and that i had exp. because elder lara had never done his own laundry and we all had to help him and it took forever haha, we are about to go do laundry again after this and im not excited about it but at least i will have clean clothes. and could i get some more white socks? like the ones you sent me out here with, cuz we have gym almost everyday and they are getting really stinky! haha
i also just got my hair cut...that was weird not having you cut it. the lady did a real good job but it was nothing compared to mamabear cut.
i have been taking lots of pictures of us and in the snow and at the temple so maybe i will send home the card just so you can see what the mtc is all about and who my district is.
we got to go to the temple again today, that was fun and exciting. i love going to the temple, elder fisk falls asleep so i have to keep him awake, (he is worse than dad hehe) but he does a good job. elder salzman says there is no temples in our mission so that kind of bummed me out, if you could confirm that i would really like to know for sure.
Well how about you guys? how is everything there? how is the weather? you keepin those grades up haybug? any thing cool happen while i was gone? just dear elder me or something cuz i will get them like the same day and i sure do love getting mail! haha, i feel really bad though cuz elder roberts, elder fisk, elder lara, and elder simpson dont really get mail at all and it makes me sad for them. cuz they are my brothers. elder tanner wrote us and it was so cool hearing from him. he said he is so bummed out that he had to leave and these are his exact words "dont go home because your girlfriend will definitally break up with you" ouch, thats a rough one, but i know he has such a good heart and he really wants to serve, but anyways, i really do miss you guys so much, but honestly, i wouldnt want to be anywhere else right now, i feel with a firmness and burning in my heart that i know i shouldnt be anywhere else on this earth right now then serving a mission. i know the truth and my testimony has grown so much. i need to let other people in the world know about it, and tucson arizona is going to be hearing from me really soon! with a strong testimony comes responsibility and accountability, and my responsibility right now is to serve the people of tucson and love them with all my heart. my faith is in jesus christ, and it is not dependant upon outcomes.i know this church is true and i love it so much. And my testimony is that gods promises are not always fulfilled as quickly or in the way we would like. but they are fulfilled in gods time. though not always swift, they are certain. God loves us so much and we are all his children. he will look out for us and keep us safe and though we sufffer challenges, those challenges will only strengthen us in the end.
Every soul is considered V.I.P. to the lord. the worth of every soul is great in the sight of god. i love you all so much. be safe and stay strong in faith.
Elder Pierce

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