Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hello from the MTC

hello everybody, its elder pierce, well i normally would have 30 min to write this email but i only have 20 because the computer is really dumb. well anyways, i am having so much fun here in the mtc, my district is awesome, i will go through them in a little bit. The packages you guys sent me were awesome and my district loved the cookies, there should be a letter on the way concerning them.
Well i will start things off with some interesting news, i got called to be district leader, i guess president Teshima was right when he said leadership is in the future. as district leader im pretty much in charge of getting all the mail and making sure that everryone is where they are supposed to be on time. it is stressful but it is a lot of fun. but as district leader i may be the sheriff but i am the servant. i am here to help these elders with whatever they need...and i love it! haha
Elder Salzman & Elder Pierce
Now i will say a little about my district. my companion is elder salzman, he is such a funny guy. by physical appearance we are complete opposites, he is small and thin and is peruvian. but he tells the funniest jokes and is always making the entire district laugh. he is feeling really homesick as of late though. then there is elder howard, he has had brain cancer twice and surgurys for each of them. he is so humble and has such a kind heart. unfortunately elder tanner has already left for home, he was only with us for a couple of days but we still considered him our brother-in-arms. it was really hard to see him go. Then there is Elder Fisk, Elder Roberts, Elder Simpson, and Elder Lara. Elder fisk is hilarious and is the joke maker. Elder Roberts is the more doctrinal one, really smart. then elder simpson is the outdoorsman/marine, and elder lara is the quite one, he is starting to get out of his shell more and more each day though.
Then there is the zone leader, their names are Elder Blair and Elder Gibson, they are some of the sweetest guys i have met here. they have helped me out in becoming a district leader and givin me tips on helping out the guys when they have struggles.  
I think my two favorite parts of the day are gym and class time. Gym is intense, i will get my work out done then i will go down and play 4 square. now i know what you may be tinking "oh 4-square, tahts a little kids game"...wrong, that game is INTENSE, it is down right cut-throat, we elders may be all about love and charity, but when it comes down to 4 square, there is no mercy!
but then i love class, in the class room it gets so spiritual and i learn so much. I have never felt closer to the spirit in all of my life. And as a missionary, it is essential to teach. I love it so much. and i actually learned the name of the brother of jared, elder salzman told me (he is really smart as well haha he makes me look like a fool with my pants on the ground).
like i said, i dont have much time and im not the fastest typer so i will get in what i can. I really am having such a fun time, waking up and showering with a bunch of other guys is a little weird though haha but dont get me wrong it is fun. there is always jokes flying and then there is pull up competitions at night time. there is always something going on and the schedule is intense. we have to be somewhere like right after we were in a meeting. its just crazy. well my timer says im about up. thank you so much for the letter and packages. tell everyone i said i love them and i miss them. there should be more letters in the mail!
Elder Pierce
if there are typos, sorry! love ya

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