Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm already dunkin em!!

hello everrybody!!! how is it goin in the 702??? i hope its goin good. its going fantastic here in not sure what the area code is but its good. i am having alot of fun and doing a lot of hard work. i never thought i could fall asleep so easily! well my trainers name is Elder Baradoy, he is from canada, calgary or something like that, it doesnt matter. he is so cool and such a spiritual guru, he has taught me alot of stuff.  including how to do the rubiks cube!! i can do it all the way now. well anyways, lets talk about other things. like where i live and how some experience has happened. the members here feed us almost everynight, it is so cool and we get to know the members here so well. I am living in an area called Sahaurita, my adress right now is

300 w.Via Alamos #514
Green Valley, AZ 85614
it is an apartment, and it is pretty gross lol, its pretty much the ghetto part of green valley but we make is work. like today was cleaning day and i looked at the bathroom and i was like "elder, when was the last time this was cleaned?" and he was like iono, so i was like "heck no, we are cleaning it out now" it was fithly, im glad i spent alot of time cleaning bathrooms at home cuz that exp paid off here, im not afraid to use the bathroom anymore haha. and we get 110 bucks a month so we are going to be grocery shopping and getting cleaning supplies, so mom i dont need snacks just yet but i will let you know when we do! we still havent opened the last snacks from the mtc. we just dont really have time to eat them, we are really busy with investigators right now.
like we went over to the Ferrells (members) house for dinner the other night, and as we were sitting there, their 8 year old kid named wesley walks up to me, stares right into my soul and wispers "...are you new?" and i wispered back yes, then he kept staring at me and then gave me a huge hug, it was sweet and cool at the same time.
and then we went over to the Redfords (whos daughters are getting baptized on thursday, score!) and we were talking and they gave us ice cream, well i finished my ice cream that hadnt melted while my comp was talking about repentance, as he was saying how everyone can be forgiven and we all make mistakes, i spilt my ice cream all over their floor...that was embarrising haha.
but i had my first baptism already last saturday, and we confirmed her yesterday. im already dunkin em! hah, her name is Anna Heald, and she is so sweet, she is 79 years old and from germany, i met her my first day and she had to get to know me until she accepted me, haha but she did and now im one of her boys, she is such a sweet person.
i also had my first bleassing the other day, her name is sis. Mcneil and she is like 91 and still active, but she hurt her back and asked me to give her a blessing. i was nervous but it went really good.
then i went on excanges with this one guy that is like a special agent in this group called ICE or something like that, but he is like a customs agent that goes undercover to catch the big dogs in the crime/drug syndicate, he is so cool, like he was buff and everything...speaking about buff. elder lara is a huge mma fan and he knows who uncle bryan is and has like watched all of his fights, so it would be cool if i got like a autograffed pic so i could send to him. he would really love it.
and we have also been teaching this other girl, her name is linzee and she is 19, she wants to get baptized but she needs to come to church 2 more times. so we are planning on may 1 but we will see.
i am having so much fun here, there are so many things that the mtc did not teach me though, like we learned real life there but most of all the stuff was role playing and just goofing around. out here is the real deal. like if you mess up or forget what to say, especially at the door. boom you get a slam dunk right on your nose!
mom: this section is for you. i need a favor. or favors, i need you to send me a couple things. rubiks cube. 2.i need info if there is money on my debt card. 3. a couple of my short sleeve shirts that i like 4. advice on a new suitcase. (the airport broke my zipper off...completly should i buy a new one or what? i have been taping it whenever i leave somewhere and pres walker said i need a more permanant means of a suit case haha. pres walker is funny 5. your love! 6. a different camera card, the one you sent dont work, i want you to see pics of where i am and everything.
well i love you all so much, remember to stay safe and always have faith in the lord. he will make sure we are always protected. remember to write me whenever you can, i love gettin them letters! you can send them to the address above or to the mission office!
Elder Pierce
ps. are the pierces related to Pres. Hinkley  in any way? cuz i met a family here that said he knew some pierces and that we might be related, check it out for me and let me know please! i love you

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