Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Don't do anything too weird now"

Phew...the last day of May. That's weird. June is just starting and we are already hitting the 100's here in Tucson. Oh boy, its going to be a hot summer. That is something I'm not looking forward to. But what can you do? I'm really hoping that I will be getting out of Tucson before the serious summer starts. That would just be miserable. But we will see what the lord has in store for me.
So this last week has been a pretty calm week. Elder Clark and I got to go on exchanges this week. It was nice to get out of my area for a while. Ummm, Church was probably the most interesting of all the week. We had our recent converts come to church again and Josh got set apart to and had the aronic priesthood conferred upon him. That was really cool because he asked me to do that. Its the first time I've done that on my mission. Very cool experience. We were all standing there in the Bishops office and Josh sat down and bishop then asked him who he would like to do it. He thinks for a moment and looks right at me and asked me to do it. I was in quite a bit of shock but I gladly accepted. Josh and Heather are really cool people and their oldest son Jackson turns 8 next month. So he will have the opportunity to be baptized into the true church of Christ. I'm so happy for them and to see the way the gospel has changed them. How exciting!!!
Don't Do Anything Too Weird Now, Elder Pierce
Also at church. I had a good conversation with this OLDER gentleman about how I'm the first red head missionary to be in the ward. He then went on to say how weird red heads are and that we are a very odd breed. haha it was very funny. He just went on and on about the weird-ness of red heads and how crazy we are. I just nodded my head and played along with him. As he walked away, these were his exact words "Don't do anything too weird now or people might get the wrong idea about the church!" hahaha it was so funny.
God is great, Sprite is good. And people are crazy.
(I got that from a song, I changed a word though haha. you country fans might be able to pick it out)
I love you all very much. Take care!
Elder Pierce

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