Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dec. 13th 2010

Family, another week down and only like 12 more days till i get to call home! Holy cow! Didn't i just call home like just a little while ago? Wow, was that 8 months ago already??? PHEW!
And didn't i just email you??? Hmm, i will be honest i don't really know what to say.
I will tell you that you should be getting a box in the mail. Don't get too excited because its just a couple of things i don't want to have out here, and some stuff that some members gave me. Mom, there should be instructions inside the box.
So this week, i have done alot of pondering about Christmas, and what it truly is about. Our Bishop gave a talk Sunday in church, and he really had a ton of powerful things to say, i will see if i can quote some of it without ruining it, he said "Now, i have been accused by my friends and family that i have been some what anti-Santa, or anti-magic. Well in the truth of the matter, I love Santa, and i love magic. But i think we need to focus less about Men in red and white suits riding around on reindeer with blinking noses carrying thousands of shiny presents, and we need to focus on the real magic behind Christmas. What could be more magical than the birth of our Savior? What could be more magical than his life and ministry on Earth? And What could be more magical then his Atoning sacrifice and his suffering on the cross for each and every single one of us? Where is the real magic? The north pole, or our Savior Jesus Christ."
When he said this, it really hit me deep. Because truly what are we focusing on? Are we hoping for what we might get rather than hoping for what we can give back? What can we give back to the Savior?
Like i said, i don't have alot to type about this week, but i cant wait to talk with you guys on Christmas, and i cant wait to more  fully serve my Savior Jesus Christ during this Christmas season. Family, i love you all so much. I hope and pray we can ALL remember what this season is all about and act on it. Be a true example of love in action. Again, i love you all.
Elder Pierce

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