Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Transfer news this week..

So hello there my wonderful family, 
So the biggest news this week that you are all probably expecting is the transfer news!!! drum roll please.....(dum dum dum dum!!!) I am training a new missionary in Clifton still. So Elder Howard got moved down to safford. He will be down there "momming" a missionary. That means that his companion has only been out for 1 transfer so far. Well anyways, my companions name is Elder Bischoff, he is from Lincoln, Nebraska. He is just a ball of energy ready to work. So I'm looking forward to it. 
Well anyways, a short little miracle for you this week. We had another lesson with David Gomez the other night. And we talked with him about baptism and followed up with him on all of his commitments. We spoke with him for probably about like an hour and then we were about to leave. We closed with a prayer and then i asked him if there was anything that we could help him out with before we go. He got really quiet and was staring at the floor. So i was kinda wondering what was going on. Then he looks up at us and just stares. In a very sincere and humble voice, he asked for a blessing. He has been having some health problems and he knows that a blessing from the priesthood can help him. Elder Howard anointed, and i sealed. I gave him the blessing and it was amazing. I could feel the spirit talking through me. And what the spirit promised him was amazing. The spirit promised him that when he heals and recovers from his sickness, he will know the church is true, and that it is only through the priesthood power of God that these things are possible. It was touching and a bit overwhelming. But it testifies to me more and more that this is the true church, and that as Representatives of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we hold the authority to act as he has acted, help as he helped, serve as he served, and love as he loved. 
I bore my testimony in church, i was thinking that we get to carried away in other topics in the church and we get away from the essentials. The principles of the gospel. So i got up and bore my testimony about Jesus Christ. And What he has done for me. To know and to understand and to personalize the atonement is a life long task. But to think and understand that while Christ was on his knees in that garden, suffering, he thought of me, just for a split second and thought "Bryce, this is for you". I know that Christ lives. I know that he suffered for me personally. He sacrificed himself because he loves me, and wants me to be happy. I love my savior. 
Love, elder pierce

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