Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7, 2010

HELLO everyone!!!
How is it going? it's going good over here, just doing the work you know? Things are going really good over here. The work is progressing very nicely. Things are going a little slow in 1st ward but in 3rd ward, the work is booming. We have 3 investigators we are progressing towards baptism. One of their names is Ethan. He has just graduated from high school and has joined the navy, but he went to the temple open house and had a very spiritual experience, so he talked with his friend (member) and asked if there was someone he could talk to about the church. So we have been teaching him inside a members home and things have been going great. He went to Church yesterday and said it was pretty "legit" haha. so things are looking good. we have another lesson set up with him for tomorrow and he has been reading the B.O.M! and praying about it. He is a solid guy.
So we could probably baptize him like tomorrow but we have to teach him the rest of the lessons haha.
We actually had 3 of our investigators make it out to church yesterday, which is pretty solid for these wards. We are usually able to teach alot but for them to keep their commitments and actually make it to church is a different story. There is this other investigator we have, her name is Emily, she is 11 and her mom has been a member since she was 19 but has fallen away multiple times. Her work has been really tough lately. But ever since she has come back to the church, (when we started teaching Emily) everything has fallen back into place. Like she just went up to Sholo (sounds just like it) for a job interview as a head nurse or something like that. So she might be moving before we have a chance to baptize Emily :( but the lord works in mysterious ways and i know that the church is very strong up there. So i am happy for them and happy that the gospel has affected their life so amazingly.
haha, and it was so funny the other day, we were at a members house, looking for some referrals, and her name is sister crapo, and she was talking about this man she knows and this is her exact words "well i know this gentleman, he was a Lutheran minister, but now i think he is border patrol..." I looked at her and I was like "...I didn't know you could convert to border patrol haha" and we all just started laughing at her and she was all embarrassed but it was funny.
There are a lot of good people down here...except for the ones that threaten us with guns...I'm not saying it happened but it might have. it was really funny though...i mean if it happened. Anyways, me and my comp were walking home and we see this old guy talking with some other young guy. and the old guy didn't have a shirt on and he wasn't no small guy. haha. anyways, he looked right at us and then pointed this gun right at us and yelled "there were some hooligans throwing rocks and eggs at my property last night, and they better not come back!" and I'm in shock and my first thoughy was like "whoa, lets put the gun down gramps" and this was no small gun, it was a .44 magnum with an extended barrel. and so we were like OK well it wasn't us and we like shuffled in the door. Dang old people! they are crazy!!!
We should be going on exchanges with the district leader tonight, that should be fun. But since i have been here, i have yet not been able to go to a new area and stay the night. I have only went once with the zone leaders in the beginning when i got here but didn't stay over. So we have had 3 more exchanges and I've taken over each fun! but its still exciting. Give me a nice break from my companion thats for sure. haha.
Well mi familia, not much else to report on today, things are going smoothly and i still have not been sun burned! how awesome right? the lord is definitely watching over me and my delicate skin. I love you all so much, I'm also forwarding you an email from Sister bertoldo that she sent me, you go haha. I love you all so much!!! Thank you for everything you do for me. I love you.
Elder Pierce

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