Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Power Animal? Last 4 Transfers..

Hello family.
It is a pleasure to email you all yet again. Things have been going really well lately. This last week we have seen a lot of success. The Lord is truly blessing us in these times of diligence. A new transfer has officially begun and Elder Blake and I are staying together. I have hit my last 4 transfers. That is really weird to me. Just thinking about how long i have been out here serving the lord compared to when I first arrived in the mission field really trips me out.
I have a few good stories for you this week that I will hopefully have time to type them to you.
So the other day, in our district we were talking about something that we call here "power animals". And at first I thought that it was just a bunch of nonsense. That there were no such thing. well boy I was wrong. I started out as an unbeliever. Well I put it to the test. What you have to to is think back in your life when there has been a turning point in your life or big events. Times you remember clearly. Once you remember those times, there was an animal (in whatever form) was around. That is your power animal. Once you "think" you know what it is, you then have 3 days to confirm it by seeing that animal again. Well I was thinking about an animal that has been around or played a signifagant role in my life. And all i could think about was a shark. I analyzed it and realized that when i scuba dived, it gave me a lot of time to think about life and then sharks would appear. I have always liked sharks. But then I was thinking "where am I going to see a shark in arizona!?!" so thats what i went with to prove this power animal malarki wrong. Well THAT NIGHT! i was witnessed to by the shark kingdom. At dinner with a member,  was sitting there minding my own business when their kid walks up to me and was like "here, read my book about a shark!"...needless to say i freaked out. For the next two days I was witnessed to by sharks 3 times. I saw them everywhere! haha. So, my power animal is the shark. haha. Its pretty cool.
For my next story. His name is Luiz. He is a recent convert from over a year ago. Well we were talking to him about his conversion story and he was telling us that around 17 months ago he called on a pass along card that was left at his house. The missionaries came to his house and taught him and baptized him. Well I started thinking, I was here about 17 months ago and i tracted this very same street. We left his house and I still wasn't sure. We ended up talking to our ward mission leader about him and he confirmed it that I was the missionary that put that pass along card at his door. The one he called on. the missionaries started teaching him right after I left. What a cool feeling. Just to know you helped just a little in the the conversion of a soul. Bringing someone closer to their heavenly father and jesus christ. How cool.
Then also we have Reymundo's baptism coming up this weekend. We are really looking forward to that. Rey has really made a big turn around and is fully committed to following the savior.
Well family, I had more but i have ran out of time. I sure do wish I was a faster typer. I love you all so much.
Elder Pierce

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