Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy "21st" Birthday Elder Pierce

Hello my wonderful family. Boy it is great to be alive. It is great to be serving the Lord too. Life is just great right about now. How wonderful.
Well this week was wonderful. I had a AMAZING birthday and amazing pre-birthday (Saturday). But overall this last week was really cool.
A quick story i would like to share with you. We got a referral from an online source from and we decided one night to go follow up on it. Well It turned out to be a little to late for them so we were told to go back the next day in the afternoon. So that is what we did. At first we didn't know how solid it was going to be but we had hope. And another plus is that they had BIG dogs. About 3 or 4 of them. So we prayed we wouldn't get eaten when we went back. Well we went back the next day and it turns out this family is just awesome. The mom is a member and they have tons of family friends that are members. They actually know someone who just got back from a mission as well. So we went over there and we taught a young man named Cameron, he is 17 and he was super interested. He kept saying how he just felt that something was missing in his life. That he needed a more fulfilling aspect to his life. Well that's just what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for! haha.
So he loved everything we were telling him. He accepted every commitment we left him and we are meeting with him again on Thursday. He is really cool. Elder Barner and I bonded with him really well. Everything i didn't know much about (cards, magic, things like that) Elder Barner knew about. Then things like football, sports, video games i could connect with. It was just really cool to see how much the Lord truly does know his children. His missionaries and those trying to find him. He knows us all equally and individually.
I love you so much family.
Love Elder Pierce

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