Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Clifton, Arizona here I come!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7, 2011

Well hello family. 
So It begins, halfway through the year and things are looking Bright. The future of this place is looking Sunnier and sunnier every day. Seriously. Its getting super hot out here. I just want to know why. Why does it have to get so hot haha. But anyways, things really are looking good. Unfortunately Elder Schlichte got transferred. He is heading over to the Gila Valley as we I type this. He got on the transfer van and is heading to Safford, Arizona. How cool. He is serving in Elder Howard's old area with his last companion. How cool! Elder Howard is getting transferred down to Sahuarita. So I might get to see him every now and then. That's pretty exciting. 
So Things have been going great. One quick story i would like to share with you happened the other day. We were able to really get a hold of Julian and set up a lesson inside the Stake Center where we were going to give him a Church tour. So we got his ride arranged and a member to come out with us. So he gets there and dressed up and everything, it was great. We start with a prayer and show him around the church. You could tell right off the bat the spirit was strong there. It was a wonderful feeling. We then take him into the chapel and talk to him there about the Sacrament and why its so important. HE was able to tell us alot about the sacrament and repentance and all of these details about the gospel that we had planned on teaching him. Our original plan was to teach him about the sacrament and then take him into the baptismal room and commit him to baptism. But the spirit was so strong in the chapel that i didn't want to risk and i just felt so prompted that the time to commit him was at hand. So i did, and he fully accepted. It was amazing. We set it for The 25th of June but that was to long of a wait for him. He wanted to be baptized sooner haha. We tried but the 25th is what we had to stick with. But what is really important to understand here is how willing he was to be baptized. To make that commitment to follow the Lord and do what he knows is right. It was such an amazing lesson. 
Other than that things are going super. Not to much else to report on really. 
I love you all. Take care!
Elder Pierce

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